Best Stretch Mark Cream

Stretch marks can be an embarrassing problem to deal with. Stretch marks are caused by many things in life and sometimes it's unclear why we've even developed stretch marks. The simple definition of stretch marks is that they're a sign of your skin stretching in ways it doesn't want to and ultimately you're left with a dissatisfying mark on your body.

Some common reasons for stretch marks are being pregnant as well as growing. Pregnant women have suffered from the unfortunate look of stretch marks for many years. When you're pregnant, your stomach has to stretch out as far as needed to house the baby safely inside you. The process of stretching your skin can leave very distinct marks on your stomach which will follow you for many years and sometimes even for the rest of your life. It can be very dissatisfying to have to deal with stretch marks.

Look for a stretch mark cream that uses liposomes or other mediums to help the moisturizer penetrate and repair the stretched skin. Stretch mark creams with liposomes and emus oil, for example, help your skin absorb the active ingredients to repair and protect your skin.

Consider a stretch mark removal cream with ingredients like elastin, collagen or vitamin E, which can help restore your skin's elasticity and increase circulation in the area. These skin care products help with existing stretch marks while preventing new scars from forming.

Find the best stretch mark cream with Retin-A or Tretinoin, shown to help fade and "repair" stretch marks that have recently appeared. Note that the effectiveness of the ingredient may be less helpful with older stretch marks.

Improve the look of older scars with a stretch mark cream that also has firming agents and moisturizers to improve the texture of your skin. New skin care treatments even feature ingredients like healing garden snail secretions, touted for reducing the discoloration and scarring of older stretch marks, in addition to other skin problems like acne scars or sun spots.

Most over the counter stretch mark creams contain cocoa butter, and a mix of vitamins A and E. These promote the health of the skin, and improve its appearance. Cocoa butter hydrates the skin, improving its elasticity which will aid in the prevention of stretch marks. Vitamin E is an antioxidant that protects the skin. Retinol, or vitamin A, is also beneficial to the skin.

Most prescription stretch mark creams have a higher concentration of vitamin A. They are much stronger than the over the counter preparations, therefore they are generally more successful. Their success generally depends on the age of the stretch mark, and overall skin condition.

Shea butter is a recent addition to the mix. It helps with cell replenishment, and is a natural barrier to UV skin damage. Alpha hydroxy acids are also common in stretch mark ointments, also promoting cell regrowth. Your skin might feel a bit dry when you start using them, because dead skin is being removed.